Ever wanted to go out to try the new restaurant, play sports or just simply go out for drinks but your friends are busy or working? Say no more, EmVite to the rescue.
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We are EmVite

Welcome to emVite, a location-based social search engine and networking community to help you connect to new people around you who share your interests by simply choosing and interacting through specific emojis that describe your real time interests, hobbies or activities.

Set Interests

Simply decide what your interest is by selecting one or multiple emojis to immediately start connecting.

One emVite away

Search for people around you for up to 100 miles.

Get in contact

Chat with your contact list or people you meet through your interests.

Location recommendations

Discover new places of interest near you.

How does it work?

Register as an individual user and create a personalized profile that enables other users to quickly find and emVite you to join them to participate in a range of diverse activities through the selection of emojis in a predetermined location radius.

Each emoji represents a particular and current desire, want, craving, mood, and/or hobby of interest. With more than 25+ available emojis to choose from, there is no reason to do anything unaccompanied.